Streaks App and New Habits

I used to use the Streaks workout app, which was a companion to the Streaks app. I thought the Streaks app was a little bit weird and that it probably wasn’t for me. Boy was I wrong.

Habit forming is extremely important to stay mentally and physically on point. The reminders app built into iOS is good to note short term one-off goals or long projects. You can technically set a task to repeat daily, but the options are limited. The Streaks app is the app for forming new habits and tracking your progress over time.

My thought is: if you do something once a day for 365 days, it’s better than doing it forty times in a single day and then giving up for a year. The math absolutely checks out.

There’s a number of presets that can be added to your lists, and they can be modified in just about any way. For me, my daily goals include:

  • Drink a protein shake.
  • Read for 11 Minutes (it sets an alarm as you start).
  • Take a photo with my iPhone.
  • Write a paragraph.
  • Take vitamins.
  • Walk 3,500 steps (a 30 minute walk).
  • 5 mindfulness minutes (breathing in and out).

There are even a few goals that give you the task as completed outright, and it’s essentially yours to lose. For me, that would be: “Don’t eat bad food (during week days)”. It’s tempting to eat something that would make me lose this, and it’s enough to stop me from doing so.

I was never an avid reader, but I’ve already completed one book by sticking to the reading schedule and I’m about to finish another one. Forcing myself to take a photo and to write a paragraph each day has allowed me to have some kind of creative output every day and become less of a consumer.

In all, the app has helped me both physically and mentally. I notice that I am less stressed, have more energy, and I’m more alert overall. Go and download it to see for yourself.

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