Tech-Based Workout Gear

Working out over the past four months, I picked up a number of tech-based workout items that I wanted to review and suggest for others.

A Workout Watch

I can only suggest the Apple Watch, as I am very much far into the Apple ecosystem, and it is widely considered to be the best smartwatch on the market as of the writing of this post. With the recent acquisition of FitBit by Google, they might get a huge boost with features in the future, so they should also be considered. Each have their own patents and development cycles, so research should be done as to what you will need and what each platform can provide to you. Smart watches for working out have gotten a lot better over the past decade, so they are much more viable and accurate than what was previously available. To track your stats it is absolutely critical.

Prescription Glasses

Inexpensive prescription sports glasses can be had by 1) getting your eyeglasses prescription from an Ophthalmologist (so they can also look for eye disease) and 2) obtaining your pupillary distance. Some eyeglass stores will not give you your pupillary distance outright, because they know that you will just go elsewhere to get frames, and that is the point of this blurb. If you go into any Warby Parker location with your script, you can set up an account with them and they will measure it in the store. Once you have your PD, you can now look online at sites like Zenni Optical, Coastal, or even Warby Parker themselves. For something inexpensive, check out the first two. There’s no reason to support Luxottica. When you found a pair that is suitable, consider some eyeglasses straps. Also consider using a FSA/HSA to purchase these to avoid payroll taxes, and then get them reimbursed with your vision insurance company.


You need a scale that will log your stats over time, or can connect to Apple Health. When you are consistently working out, you need a way to measure your body fat percentage and weight to see if you are on track. I use this inexpensive RENPHO scale. The only issue is that you need to moisturize your feet before you hop on, but it works and sends the data to your iPhone. It has absolutely been a game changer in tracking my stats, and the app will tell you a lot of other things that Apple Health just does not store, like metabolic age.

Moisture-Wicking Clothing

In order to not feel like crap when you do physical exercise, you should own enough synthetic clothing that wicks moisture when you sweat. Polyester is the way to go for most hot weather, and other nylon items can be used when it is colder or drier. ExOfficio briefs last a long time, and you should consider getting yourself at least six pairs. Any other shirts or shorts you can get on sale from a local sports retailer or even Wal-Mart. Working out should not be about style, but comfort. If you are running and experiencing calf or shin pain, I would also consider compression socks that slip under your normal socks. They just seem to keep everything together.

NutriBullet Balance

Yeah, the NutriBullet Balance it is a blender, which have been around for decades. We’re not breaking new ground here. It comes with multiple cups and all of the accessories that you will need to blend food items. However, the thing about the Balance is it does have an app that connects to your phone via Bluetooth, which does connect to Apple Health. So, yeah. It makes the smoothies that you expect it to make, but it also tracks all of the ingredients that you put into it so that you can follow recipes and log nutrition. It all works pretty well.


Without a doubt, a pair of bluetooth headphones is really just the way to go anymore for working out. I connect mine to my watch, and it all just works, especially for audio cues. I use a cheap pair of Anker Soundbuds Curve, and they are just fine for the price. The more popular ones may be theĀ AirPods Pro or Powerbeats Pro, but if you don’t have the money, just start with the Ankers.

Other Items

  • If you are a runner, try a key release so that you can disconnect your car key from your house keys. My mom has literally had this one for thirty years or so.
  • If you’re using an Apple Watch, consider a night stand for it (cord not included).
  • C25K app. Start running now!
  • A good pair of running shoes are worth the money, like the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 that I wear. Don’t cheap out on these. The tech has come a long way for running shoes, and your body will thank you later. With running or hiking footwear, most people wear a half size too large to account for foot swelling.

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