Improvements to the inventory pickup web app

I’d just like to share what I’ve updated on my inventory pickup web app over the past month.

1) Raw SQL replaced with Django ORM
I don’t know whether it was the convenience of just using what I already knew, but I converted these multiple line cursor SQL statements with the Django ORM for security and reliability.

2) Fixed modal scrolling bug on iOS
The iOS keyboard can be a huge pain sometimes. I found a bit of code that allow modals with input buttons not to lose focus, which was probably the biggest bug that I was concerned about.

3) Items view on history
Now, historical transactions can be sorted by items. It looks a lot cleaner.

4) Logging what users do
I’m in the beginning stages of logging what users do on the web app. I am considering creating another table where I can reference the user, write a description, and include a time stamp to when the action occurred. Right now, most of the appropriate views only print out a string on completion of an action.

Aside from the logging, I want to fix a few more GUI issues, like sorting historical pickup dates for items, and redirecting users to ‘/home’ from ‘/’ if they are logged in. The problem with the former is that I would have to change the model, which I am hesitant to do.  I am definitely going to use chart.js to build a nice-looking dashboard for stats, but I will have to make up a bunch of dummy data to make sure this works properly.  I have also been considering Django + AJAX solutions, but it seems that the web app would require a major re-write if I were to go down this path.

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  1. Hi Paul

    I had a look at the web app and it seems nice – thanks for putting it on git. Is there somewhere I can see it in action or do you have 2 minutes to make a few screenshots?

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