My First Released Python Module: geochecker

I’ve finally created my first Python module, and it’s pretty great (in my opinion).

OK, so… technically it uses two other wonderful modules extensively, but I’m really happy with it and want to talk a little about it here.

I had a business problem: you have a company and one of its branch’s locational information in a database, but you want to make sure that the address is complete and correct.  You can go through Google Maps and copy/paste stuff endlessly, but what if you wanted to automate this a bit more?

The answer: my geochecker module.

Enter a company name and part of an address you think is correct.  It will return the match, or else the best result within thirty-five miles of an approximate location.

You get the following information returned for both methods:

Company Name
Street Address
State (regular or abbreviated)
Country (regular or abbreviated)
Postal Code

All you need is a Google Places API key, which is free and easy to set up in any Google account. It also uses a free version of the Google Maps API which limits you to something like 100k queries per day from one IP address. More information can be found through the link above.

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