amtl: applescript MP3 tracklister

amtl was one of the first coding projects I ever worked on, way back in 2009.  I had some boredom in between classes, and needed to find something to do with my life, so I learned AppleScript.

In hindsight, AppleScript is not a nice language.  Word on the scripting forums was that Apple was going to trash it eventually, probably with good reason: people should be working on apps instead of little workarounds.  Further, many apps don’t even support the environment, which is kind of a waste.  What I should have learned initially was Python if I were going to do such heavy lifting — it would have been infinitely more helpful, and less frustrating.  I’ve known the basics of coding for a long time, but I didn’t really know how to express it right when I decided on this language.

Overall, the script is not bad, and you can read about it more at GitHub.  I don’t know why I shied away from utilizing this website for so long, but I finally put it up there today.  I have so many other things written that I really shouldn’t be the only one benefitting: more will go up soon.

Unless someone specifically asks, I probably won’t be developing amtl anymore.

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