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Flask and Me

I tried using the web-framework Django, and even blogged about it back in February.  It made me so wrapped up in the fact that you have to create a database first to even use it, that I kept thinking far too big.  Yes, having a well-designed DB for your web app is truly a great thing and something to strive for, but in the case of just grasping the simple concepts, it only became a roadblock for me.  Upon searching through r/python about Django, I saw that many users said that while they liked it, Flask was the way to really start out.  So,...

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New Project: Old Jersey

In mid-July of this year, I found myself in front of the New Jersey State House in Trenton at night. I was in my car, waiting for some friends, and just looked up at this enormous structure. It made me think about how the diverse the state is, how representatives from every corner have been continuously filling it since 1790.

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Spotify on the Road

When I first learned how to drive, it wasn’t long before I bought a cassette adapter for the car stereo to work with my portable Panasonic CD player. Even though I was driving my parents’ 1985 Peugeot Turbo Diesel 505, I still thought that I was a pretty cool guy blasting my Black Flag CDs in the Catholic school parking lot.

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Scraping PDFs with Python

PDFs are a hassle for those of us that have to work with them to get at their data.  When I was at the Open Data NJ summit last month, the reporters and journalists went on and on about how utilizing PDFs the worst thing in the world, and they’re right.

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The Crime Map You Should Know About

I’ve coded a crime map for Muckgers, an online student-run publication that I contribute to. I’ve explained in detail in several posts on the site what I’ve done and improved upon, but I thought I would go into more about code and concepts on my blog.

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Comparing Company Names With Python

If you have trouble matching similar company names, you’re more than likely trying to clean up some sort of database. This is one of my major issues that I’ve tried to explore for myself, so hopefully my findings can assist others who find themselves in a similar situation.